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On April 12, 2012 we embarked on a one-year tour of North America (US, Canada, Mexico) and Central America (Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama) – doing it overland via motorcycles and adventuring all the way!   We returned home June 3rd 2013.  We have posted pictures of riding, nature’s beauty, man-made wonders and the people who inspire us.  Our stories are about the good, the bad and everything in between.

What Are We Up To?

Now we are home.  For the past seven months we have reacquainted with friends, family and those things called work and responsibility.  Tad was back at Microsoft www.microsoft.com/project and Gaila at the Downtown Issaquah Association where she helps throw some great parties. http://www.downtownissaquah.com/

On Feb 17th we embarked on exciting new efforts around launching a web-based service and community. Building a home-sharing travel network specifically for motorcycles is our passion now.   Join us today!

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Join the Adventure!

We are super excited about the upcoming Overland Expo http://www.overlandexpo.com/  After being featured vehicles these past two years we have now been invited to speak and participate in panels.  Get outfitted, get trained, get inspired, get going—the world is waiting . . .    Flagstaff, AZ    May 16-18, 2014

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Are you one of those people who say “someday I’m going to”…?   So were we.  Why wait that long?   Once in a while, two people find each other and share a vision; the timing is right and life comes together in a way they never expected.

That would be us.   We are Tad Haas and Gaila Gutierrez from Seattle, WA.  After giving many of our best years to the corporate world, decided to temporarily hang the careers on a hook and let wanderlust be our guide!

Map Us!

Here’s a post we did for RideWest BMW in Seattle.  They are a great shop so check them out:  www.ridewest.com  and here is the story: [READ]

Check out this video post by Meet, Plan, Go from the recent Overland Expo, and their launch story from the Issaquah Press:   http://www.issaquahpress.com/2012/04/17/motorcycle-diaries/