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  • Engineering the Future

      It’s hard to believe we’ve been home for 9 months!  Time flies, even when you aren’t on a journey of a lifetime.  We’ve been busy trying to figure out what our next steps are.   Since Tad jumped back into working at Microsoft within 3 weeks of returning home, it’s been difficult to watch him […]

  • Back in the US – we’ve been busy photos!

    Since we’ve returned to the US, we’ve been making our way back to Washington State taking advantage of seeing lots of cool places in California, Arizona, Utah and Idaho.  Early in our journey we hit the 2012 Overland Expo and were happy to bookend it again with the 2013 Overland Expo.  In addition,we’ve had some awesome visits with friends and family […]

  • Corrupt Mexican Police: Beers and Tacos on us

    In the 6 months we’ve been on adventure through Mexico and Central America, we’ve been stopped plenty of times by police and federals.  Here we go… prepare to do some bullshitting and strategize how not to get suckered into paying a bribe.   In Honduras, on two separate occasions we were motioned to the side of […]

  • Guatemala – a week in photos

    As our overland adventure continues, we landed in Guatemala during the most celebrated holiday of the year, Semana Santa (Holy week).  This is a huge celebration in Central America, think of it on the scale of the US Christmas week. Our friends Julio and Luisa live in Antigua, so it made for a very pleasant stay for the […]

  • Motorcycle Adventure; reflections of life on the road

    If you’ve never had the opportunity to take career break and experience life on the road, it’s difficult to explain how it feels.  How do you put into words a motorcycle adventure that has taken you 30K miles overland across deserts, mountains, coastlines, jungles, islands, prairies, canyons, tundra and pine studded forests.   By the time […]

  • Wet n’ Wild in Guatemala

    We’ve been in Guatemala for 5 days now and it’s been nothing short of adventure.  It’s captivated our attention from the get go.  Crossing the border took 2 dreadfully long hours, not because it was difficult but because it was so grossly inefficient.  Crossing borders importing a vehicle requires multiple copies of all your documents […]

  • Aliens in Belize

    Day 3 in Belize turned out fantastic, starting with a 1.5 hour ride from San Antonio Rio Hondo to Lamanai ruins.  Every road we’ve taken is dirt because that is all there is – no pavement to speak of so far. They’re hard packed dirt with good size potholes and our BMW GS’s are lovin’ […]