Optimistic Overlanders

Are you one of those people who say “someday I’m going to”…?   Neither are we.  Why wait that long?   Once in a while, two people find each other and share a vision; the timing is right and life comes together in a way they never expected.

That would be us.   We are Tad Haas and Gaila Gutierrez from Seattle, WA who after giving many of our best years to the corporate world, decided to temporarily hang the careers on a hook and let wanderlust be our guide!

While incubating for some time, our plan to adventure travel officially hatched on December  9, 2012   Dreaming big and eager for something different at this phase of our lives, the idea of taking a careerbreak to explore the globe and satisfy our thirst for adventure detonated.   We quickly went from dreaming of the possibility and fast forwarded to the “just do it” stage.

So here we are a few months later about to embark on a one year tour of North America (US, Canada, Mexico) and Central America – doing it overland, motorcycle adventuring all the way!   Our target launch date is April 15, 2012, so jump on and ride with us.  We’ll post pictures of nature’s beauty, man-made wonders and the people who inspire us, plus stories about the good, the bad and everything in between.

Our Story

We met in 2008; Tad’s career with a major software company brought him to Seattle from Denver and through technology our worlds came together.   Gaila is the native Seattleite never living anywhere else, which probably has a lot to do with the wanderlust.   Tad is a veteran motorcyclist and has been a big inspiration, adviser and supporter of Gaila’s riding career.  Being a quick learner, she’s set a goal to become a world class dual sport rider.

Together they plan to satisfy their deep wanderlust, reconnect with family and friends while in the US, and find ways to volunteer and give back whenever possible.   When our gap year ends, we may resume our corporate lives with new found inspiration or perhaps seek other adventures, writing and living the life of digital nomads.  Who knows, the world is our oyster and it’s all up for grabs.