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Gaila Guttierez [flag bg_color=”#42a600″ text_color=”#ffffff”]Compass Manager[/flag]

Energetic Spirit, Development Project Coordinator, Optimistic Overlander, photographer

One might wonder why I quit a perfectly good job in a down economy to take off  and travel the Americas.  The short answer is:

“I’ve always dreamed about experiencing life in a different way.”

Living and working primarily in the same 100 mile radius wasn’t fulfilling; my thoughts were wandering so I decided to follow them.   Hearing the phase “jump and the net will appear” was the last little push I needed.

I had the same fears anyone else might have with altering their life so drastically, but also recognized that hehind every fear is freedom.  This has indeed been freeing.  The timing was right and with that came an end to the dream and beginning of the reality.  The toughest decision was to make the decision; and like everyone who has done this sort of thing before have assured; everything else fell into place.  Now here I am living on a motorcycle and loving all of  ‘the good, the bad and everything in between”.  So, if you’re thinking about doing something completely different than you ever done before, I applaud and encourage you to jump in… the water’s great! 

I’m a lifelong Seattleite with a big heart and loads of wanderlust.  I ride both a Yamaha cruiser and the BMW F650GS dualsport.  I love a challenge and the rigors of life on the road provides the unpredictability I seek — finding myself in many new and remote locations.   I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams and live the life they are meant to live.   While I explore the cracks and crevases of this beautiful globe, perhaps I can figure out a way to turn this into a permanent deal!