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Tad Haas [flag bg_color=”#42a600″ text_color=”#ffffff”]Computer Software Business Executive [/flag]

Happy father, Optimistic Overlander, Adventure Junkie, Gadget Geek

Tad is a veteran motorcyclist, enjoying everything from his little Yamaha at 19 to his current BMW F800GS. He is a big supporter of Gaila’s riding career and loves chasing her tail. Having traveled extensively – including 46 of 50 of the US States, he is looking forward to knocking 3 more off on this trip and all of Mexico & Central America. Not to mention the far reaches of Canada.

Professionally, Tad has spent 20+ years learning and growing businesses in the software industry. Start-ups like Texim, Welcom Software and very cool SharkPro Software have always been the most inspiring. Early days with Ashton-Tate way back when and 8 years at Microsoft give him scale and a global perspective. Sales, business management, marketing and product management roles for such key products as Microsoft Project make every business day an adventure. Now he is wondering if he can be a digital nomad.