From Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday April 8 -10, 2013

As long term travelers we are very good at being “on the move.” Indeed, it is normal for us now. Yet, it is the quiet moments, the still moments that I often appreciate the most. Like right now. I am sitting in the center of San Jose del Pacifico – a very small town nestled into the mountain side at about 8600 feet on the way from Oaxaca to the Pacific coast. To say that Route 175 is a highway is not really the truth. It is just a country road that winds up and up and soon down and down.

The fog has rolled in now, pretty much full on. But here I sit watching the goings-on of this small slice of Mexico. Sometimes super quiet, other times a loud truck rolls through, struggling to make it up the hill. A few small stores (tiendas) line the street but the real action comes when the collectiva busses pull into town. It is long haul up and down these mountains and this appears to be a natural stopping point. Today especially as a very heavy fog has rolled in.

Back at our Casita/Cabana I am now wondering if I could talk Gaila into staying here another day. (I did 🙂 Such contentment I am feeling right now. This is a good place, ney a brilliant place. Birds chirping in the general silence. Peaceful to be sure. Save for an occasional car or truck heard in the distance. I have seen no less than 8 species of birds just from the front porch. Many I have never seen before and LOTS of hummingbirds. How wonderful. I wonder if hawks soar in the blue skies above? Can’t know right now as visibility is down to 30 feet or so. Such a wonderful variety of plants here too. Agave cactus, pines and many other flowering trees. Lots of coffee plants further down the mountain.

It is 6:45pm now and still light. I wonder if that is due to the daylight savings time that kicked in over the weekend? Would you believe that I completely missed it? Yes, me Mr. Still Wears A Watch Guy. Supposedly you can see the ocean from here on a clear day. I hope that we wake to that in the morning. Did I say hoping I can talk G into one more day here? No internet, no TV, no phones, no nothing. I was originally hoping we would find a place to camp, but this is very nice indeed. Been told the shower even has hot water, that will be nice later.

Tonight we will have dinner at the local place. Smelled great when we stopped by before our 10 minute walk to town. Do all birds have nests? At least a warm and comfortable place to spend the night? Ah, the sound of a donkey in the distance just now… pretty cool. The fog is so thick now that it seems to be right on top of me. In fact I can feel the mist 🙂 Hmmm, that is an interesting bird call I hear now. That and fluttering wings from birds I can hear but not see.

Today (Tuesday morning) yellow butterflies and white ones too drifting on the gentle breeze. Hummingbirds with their distinct sounds and lizards climbing where they choose. It feels like a marvelous spring day. How glorious to see the rays of sun rising and now some whispy clouds rolling up the hills from the Pacific coast. Soon enough we will be there too, appreciating all that is the ocean. But for now this mountain spring with widespread vistas is more than enough. Just right indeed.

A thought just crossed my mind…will I spend the rest of my days thinking about these days? Perhaps, but at least it is better to have such a grand adventure once. Yet at 50, I am hardly done yet! Striving for the best in work, in volunteering, in life, in love and in adventure. Yes, those are goals to strive for.

What a peaceful and restful afternoon it has been. To be still and not having to be somewhere or do something was just what I needed. A restful still time. After a lovely dinner basking in the sun we headed back to our cabin. Sure enough the fog started to roll in. As it finally began to blanket the whole mountain side I could hear someone playing a very nice jazz saxophone tune while bongo drums seemed to be building their own beat in the opposite direction. Competion for the soundscape? No. Just two people doing what makes them happy I assume.

So it is now Wednesday morning and we are preparing to leave. As I quietly enjoying my coffee and a good read a local gentlemen comes meandering by with donkey in tow, fully loaded with what I think is pine and mosquite wood – for sale I assume as headed down over to the nearby restaurant. The sound of men working now in the background and local radio station keeps me company too.

In a few moments we will finish our routine task of packing up the bikes and heading out. Like most mornings, I can’t wait for the newness of this day and the sights, sounds and hopeful adventure to come.









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