It finally feels good to be home.   Everything seems to be falling into place and not so “unnatural” anymore.  As some of you know, the first few weeks really sucked.  Not the seeing our friends part but rather the quiet moments when we were sitting quietly in the house.  It is getting better now.  Running errands in Issaquah and getting things done feels good and I like it.  This doesn’t mean I don’t miss the open road, it just means that everything has its time and place.  Balance

Tad & Lucille exploring Washington mountains
Tad & Lucille exploring Washington mountains

Gaila is actively working with the Historically Hip Issaquah Downtown Association and will spend this Friday night getting to know the regional artists at the July 5th Art Walk: .  I am actively deciding among a couple of most excellent choices and believe that landing will be as hoped.  More details soon…

Listening to the birds chirp and watching the deer wander around the house here on Tiger Mountain has helped ease the transitions from mostly outdoors to more inside time now.   It is wonderful when things are quiet and we can reflect on this past year.  One of the things I like best about being back in the US is the ability to use the online music resource Pandora.  (  Gaila and I are both music people and it supports and sometimes even sets the tone for many of our best moments and being without it or others South of the Border was one of the bigger challenges.  Yes, silly I know.

We are still suffering from the excess of everything in our First World lives but we are trying to make little changes.   Buying at the farmers market when we can to reduce packaging and get REAL local food; choosing products on the grocery store shelves that are organic, local and less plastic whenever possible.   This morning we pulled together some clothes to donate at the Goodwill as Gaila is heading over there this afternoon to look for some used furniture and some containers we might use to improve our camp cooking setup.  Sorry REI, we don’t have to buy everything new…

Two more things have made being home feel good:  First, we were able to participate in the Washington Overland &  Rally this past weekend near Leavenworth WA.    Gaila was able to spend quality girl time with many other great dual sport riders and I was able to get some lead out with the guys.  I was honored that Ian (riding god) and Andrew (super chill) from Touratech let me sweep for their rides.   Great riding and a little adventure with a dropped bike or two and one flat tire changed was part of the sweeping fun.   We really enjoyed hanging out with our Eastside friends Donn & Deby Harvey ( too.  We rode out on the Old Blewett Pass Highway ( and enjoyed the campfires and sharing road stories together. 

Gaila and Kay getting ready for a dip in the freezing river on a hot rally afternoon
Gaila and Kay getting ready for a dip in the freezing river on a hot rally afternoon
A rare guest rider for Lucille.  Bryon is hooked!
A rare guest rider for Lucille. Bryon is hooked!
Roadside tire repair for Steve's F650GS single.  10 helpers and two workers!
Roadside tire repair for Steve’s F650GS single. 10 helpers and two workers!

Second, we have been able to host some excellent travelers back at our casa (aka the Ranch) in Issaquah since returning.   First it was Bjoern & Sigrid ( from Australia for almost a week.  

Aussies afloat & abroad!!
Aussies afloat & abroad!!


Then Bryon ( and Sarah ( before the Rally

Bryon's Exploring Elements Vanlife
Bryon’s Exploring Elements Vanlife

and now Pablo and Anna from Spain are with us for the 4th of July weekend.  (  They were featured speakers at the Touratech Rally and have a cool book Around the World in 10 Years: The Book of Independence. (Look here)  Needless to say I am anxious to read the signed copy he plans to leave behind.    Before I forget we also had a family of motorcyclists from Vancouver stay over one night as they were in town briefly for a Mariners baseball game.    Next up will be my Uncle Bill and Aunt Joyce for a few days as they travel from Colorado by train to Seattle and then cruise ship to Alaska.  Yes, we LOVE travelers and man we have interesting and amazing friends!  Who’s next??? 

Pablo and Anna's home for 13 years!  La Cucaracha
Pablo and Anna’s home for 13 years! La Cucaracha


Now, off for a bike ride and then changing the sprockets and chain on Lucille.  (2011 BMW F800GS)  I have been putting this off for way too long now.  Hope I can get ‘er done without too much drama.   Have a fun and safe weekend.



3 Replies to “Getting Back to “Normal” kind of”

  1. Hi Tad and Gaila. I’m so proud of you in your re-entering into home life. Gaila; so cool about your community job…as my new job is similar. Community oriented, very social, and right across the street from where I live! This offers me balance so I’m not a slave to a typical SoCal highway commute. I get to stay here in my quiet little valley and learn and grow and I, do, anticipate having a lot of fun. I think so highly of you both and am honored to call you “friends”. xoxooxx

  2. You guys are so fabulous!!! Thanks so much for your hospitality and overall good nature :)!! Look forward to seeing you guys on the road again!!!

    (And Bryon)

  3. Tad/Gaila,
    It appears that my Meetup account does not work. Sooooooo, I am trying to contact you two throught this medium.
    The reason I am trying to contact you is that I am planning a trip to Central and South America and think your experiences can give me some valuable knowledge.
    My home phone number is 425-776-0710. Please call me with your phone number. Maybe we can get together sometime (either on a ride on directly).
    Thank you
    Jim Doran

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