As our overland adventure continues, we landed in Guatemala during the most celebrated holiday of the year, Semana Santa (Holy week).  This is a huge celebration in Central America, think of it on the scale of the US Christmas week.

DSC01571 (640x480) DSC01561 (640x480) Our friends Julio and Luisa live in Antigua, so it made for a very pleasant stay for the holiday.  Antigua is one of ‘the’ places to celebrate drawing thousands of people to see the many processions and sawdust ‘carpets’.

This gallery shows some of the incredible sights we saw throughout the week.

We also took a day trip two up on the motos along with Julio and Luisa to the Iximche ruins.  This was a very small and pleasant ruins, but what made the visit off the charts was a special Mayan ceremony happening in the far back area of the ruins.  The smell of sage and incense permated the air along with the faint sounds of prayers and chants while the fire crackled.  As the rainy season is approaching, this was a Blessing of the Seeds ceremony, with prayers and offerings for an abundant planting season.   This why Guatamala rocks, it’s rich in culture, history and tradition makingt this country (in our opinion) stand out in Central America.

DSC01440 (640x480)
Blessing of seeds ceremony

DSC01470 (640x480) DSC01463 (458x640) DSC01452 (640x480)

The procession on evening of Good Friday
The procession on evening of Good Friday
DSC01821 (480x640)
Semana Santa carpet made of flowers
DSC01759 (640x480)
Devoted and faithful, the designs are meticulous and time consuming
DSC01872 (480x640)
Candle light at the Good Friday procession
DSC01779 (480x640)
Carpet incorporating bread art
DSC01652 (480x640)
Purple is worn throughout the week for penance, it is replaced with black on Good Friday.
DSC01752 (640x480)
Carpet complete, when the procession passes over it, all that will be left is a trampled pile of colored sawdust

DSC01772 (640x480) DSC01914 (640x480) DSC01761 (480x640) DSC01565 (480x640)




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