Have I said how fantastic it is to be back on the road again?  It feels great.

We’ve come up for breath from MotoStays for a month to go Arizona.

DSC04441 DSC04425  DSC04408 DSC04397We have had one heck of a busy past couple weeks leading us to Mormon Lake, Arizona for our 3rd Overland Expo.   Last year we were just coming back fresh from Mexico (and missing tacos as soon as we crossed the border).   What a difference it was from our first time in 2012 being starry eyed human sponges soaking up every little tidbit of into we could get our hands on before he headed into Latin America. This time we were invited to come as speakers and moderators in the company of some pretty incredible world travelers.  It’s nice to be able to speak first hand on and share our experience with all the folks that are teetering on doing the same thing, but just aren’t sure how to do it.  We have 4 presentations which were well received and moderated roundtable discussions on Central America and Mexico Travel, and How Long term travel changes you.  Great discussions with an impressive panel of world travelers.

DSC04505 DSC04507

DSC04504 DSC04503

So let’s see… what kind of crazy things have happened so far.  We’ve had some incredible riding down the Oregon and California coast.   I (Gaila) have never successfully made it all the way through the Oregon coast without getting rained out.  Third time is a charm?  Yeah, not so much…  started raining 3/4 way down and didn’t stop until Eureka where we finally stopped for a dry out night.   At least we stayed in a cute Yurt the night BEFORE it started raining so we didn’t have to pack up our gear wet.

. DSC04463 DSC04464 DSC04471 DSC04485

The California coast is incredible and I never tire of the incredible views of the ocean.   A couple homes stays with friends and an overnight with my 91 yr old Gramps and Tad’s uncle in Prescott were awesome — it’s always nice to see people along the way!

We arrived at Expo via Sedona  up the Schnebly Road, a 4×4 road they take all the tourist up in pink jeeps.  The first half is pretty challenging and Tad only had to listen to me swearing like a trucker on a couple occasions.   After 8 days on the moto, after setting up camp I was ready for a few days off.  With all the awesome off road riding around the area, Tad couldn’t wait to get back on the dirt  and took off  by himself for a short ride.    When he got back, his neck was tweaked and Lucy II had a few broken parts.    Doh!   In all seriousness, it was a pretty bad crash landing on his head and he should have had a buddy with him.


Tad dirt tad dirt1

DSC04531 DSC04515

But I think the  best part about Expo is reuniting with our Overland Expo family, our Maya Rally “road family” and making a ton of great new connections.   We were pretty wind blown after 5 days and decided to hunker down in Flaggstaff for a couple days to get some work done and remoisturize our skin.  Tomorrow we head out on the Arizona BDR for a couple days of adventuring!

DSC04520 DSC04526 DSC04541 DSC04543DSC04519

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  1. Happy to see y’all on the road again…gives me a chance to live vicariously whilst staring at PowerPoint presentations and sitting in on conference calls all day long!

    I’m heading to Monterey (via plane, not m/c) for the holiday weekend, so I’ll get my CA coast fix. And a friend will be letting me borrow his BMW m/c while there, so that’s icing on the cake! Of course, the BIG trip is HU Canada West coming up in August, so I’ll get me long road trip in as well. In the meantime, keep posting! Great to see the photos and the stories!

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