• WABDR Meets Oregon Outback

    Now most everyone knows it doesn’t take much of an excuse to get me out for a good motorcycle ride, especially if it means riding in new-to-me locations with great friends – old and new alike.   Well that was the case for this past weekend.   Harold and his awesome crew at Giant Loop (www.giantloopmoto.com) put […]

  • On the road again to Overland Expo

    Have I said how fantastic it is to be back on the road again?  It feels great. We’ve come up for breath from MotoStays for a month to go Arizona.   We have had one heck of a busy past couple weeks leading us to Mormon Lake, Arizona for our 3rd Overland Expo.   Last year […]

  • In Honor and with Respect

    So let me start by saying that anybody willing to ride for any reason in this Seattle monsoon season gets my respect.   But today was special.  It wasn’t really about us as riders, rather the men and women previously serving our country with their most precious lives. This ride was supported by many in the […]

  • Engineering the Future

      It’s hard to believe we’ve been home for 9 months!  Time flies, even when you aren’t on a journey of a lifetime.  We’ve been busy trying to figure out what our next steps are.   Since Tad jumped back into working at Microsoft within 3 weeks of returning home, it’s been difficult to watch him […]

  • Sometimes You Get What You Need

    Contrary to the popular Rolling Stones song, sometimes you get what you need.   Considering that work has been beyond crazy, getting a bit of riding time in was just what the doctor ordered.  Equally important I was hoping for a bit of adventure too.  Guess what, I got it.  Thursday I decided to ride down […]

  • Hello Blog

    No, I haven’t forgotten about you it is just this whole “landing” business takes a lot of time and energy.  Let’s cut right to the case – I both love and hate for being home.  Pretty sure Gaila feels the same way.  The house is wonderful, but way too big.  The food is awesome, but […]

  • Returning Home

    It is Monday morning June 3, 2013 and we are really home now.  Yes it feels strange and yes it is wonderful too.  Strange because these things are so foreign to us here at the house, wonderful because we made it!  40,368 miles safely and soundly.   13 ½ months on the road starting in Seattle […]

  • Reentry & Landing

    And so it begins… On Sunday Gaila and I uneventfully (for the most part) crossed the Mexican border back into our wonderful homeland – good old U.S. of A.   Despite my concerns the US border guards were pleasant and efficient, if not welcoming.  Once we turned the corner and started our pleasant ride down the […]

  • Anxiety Reigns

    Has it really been almost six months since we have been in our own country?  Yes it has.  Nov 2012 was the last time my feet were on US soil.  Perhaps that is why I am so anxious about today – Sunday May 5th.  I have barely slept as my brain keeps tossing and turning […]

  • 3 Different Days

    Well my goodness, the last three days sure have been different.  Wonderful each in their own ways.  (Actually Sat, Sun & Monday.  Wifi & WordPress sketchy. Today is Friday May 3rd 🙂 I will begin with what started great, then turned to shit, followed by great.  That would be Saturday the 27th of April.  We were […]

  • Corrupt Mexican Police: Beers and Tacos on us

    In the 6 months we’ve been on adventure through Mexico and Central America, we’ve been stopped plenty of times by police and federals.  Here we go… prepare to do some bullshitting and strategize how not to get suckered into paying a bribe.   In Honduras, on two separate occasions we were motioned to the side of […]

  • One Incredible Year!

    April 15th means exactly one year on the road for Gaila and I. 12 months, 365 days, 525,600 minutes and what seems like a whole new lifetime spent traveling. Not to mention 35,600 or so miles of adventure. Significantly more than enough to circle the globe. Oh the things I have seen from the seat […]

  • Guatemala – a week in photos

    As our overland adventure continues, we landed in Guatemala during the most celebrated holiday of the year, Semana Santa (Holy week).  This is a huge celebration in Central America, think of it on the scale of the US Christmas week. Our friends Julio and Luisa live in Antigua, so it made for a very pleasant stay for the […]