Cycle Wipes

Moto friends, here’s a product we think you’ll love! We’ve been using them for the past 5 months and they rock. They clean the bug goo off your helmut visor quickly, leaving no residue. They work fantastic to clean off camera and video equipment, windsheilds, etc. Fast and easy, we usually get two visors cleaned with one wipe. A staple in our pack. Check them out at


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  1. Tad

    I wonder if I could use Cycle Wipes to clean my whole bike? Actually, Lucille – my 2011 BMW F800GS is so dirty right now, I don’t think a whole chip full of anything could get her clean. Helmet visors and windscreen with CW’s no problem!!! Latest addition is Georgian red clay. Need to find a power washer somewhere… – Tad

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